My Depression

It may be difficult for one to keep positive about life every day. I often trap into depression. There are a lot of things those would make me unhappy: the troubles, the noises, the bugs, the technical documents, the weather, the music from the shops in the morning, or even just the clouds are not as lovely as I want.

I felt more and more depressed from Jan to Mar this year. I tried to be busy, by reading, writing, and studying plenty of things, to make me paralyzed. Sometimes I need wine to fall into sleep. I often cried at night and didn’t know why. I wanted to leave my present life but didn’t know where to go.

Love saved me, temporally. I feel better with him. But that isn’t the permanent antidote. We keep a healthy schedule and make efforts for our future together. I feel positive and energetic most of the time. But sometimes, I think everything is meaningless.

After several weeks’ of consideration, we decided to resign and move to another city. I don’t know whether life would make a difference by that. It is better to change rather than not change.